Gameday! Another Baltimore Battle

Loyola Athletics 

   Today we only have two games on the docket for you. Despite the limited number of games they will still be some good ones. There is another Baltimore battle as well as an ACC vs SoCon battle.

Game Notes

  Loyola vs Towson
    This game will be the best of the day. These two teams are pretty big rivals just like all the other Baltimore teams. Each of these teams has very high expectations for this season. Towson needs this win more than Loyola because they really haven't been up to par thus far. Loyola has been rolling teams and they look to roll Towson next.

 North Carolina vs Mercer
    North Carolina had a big week last week and they will look to build off of that momentum and energy. Mercer is a young team and they really have struggled this season. I really don't think Mercer will beat UNC but they could maybe compete with them.

Today's Schedule:

Wednesday, February 28th
4:00 PM
Wednesday, February 28th
4:00 PM
North Carolina

There a ton f DII & DIII Games Today