Game Day, on a Tuesday!

 We Finally have Tuesday games!

  This third week of the season will be kicked off early as there are games on Tuesday as well as Friday. I personally love it because that means I can get my lacrosse fix sooner rather than later. I know some people, coaches in particular, don't like it. That's there opinion and this is mine. I'm a lacrosse junkie soI have different views on everything in the game than most. So, cut the banter and lets get into what game are on this Tuesday slate.

Now, the first few games are at a very odd time to have a lacrosse game. These first few games will be played at 3:00PM. That is just very weird and really stupid. Nobody will come to a 3:00 PM game on a Tuesday. Kids are in school, Adults and such at work, and all the retirees are in Florida right now. None of these games are being played in Florida. So, yeah very weird time but I'm sure it will be fine. Now, Let's get into this schedule.

College Lacrosse Week 3 Schedule
Date Time Home Team Away Team Stream / Watch
Tuesday, February 12th
3:00 PM ET
Tuesday, February 12th
3:00 PM ET
High Point
Tuesday, February 12th
3:00 PM ET

Tuesday, February 12th
4:00 PM ET
Tuesday, February 12th
4:00 PM ET
Sacred Heart
Tuesday, February 12th
5:00 PM ET
Tuesday, February 12th
5:00 PM ET
Cleveland State

For the two games that do not have stream links here are the live stats links:

Michigan vs Bellarmine

Cleveland St. vs Mercer

Game Notes

Army vs NJIT
   Army comes into this game after a very dominant win over Umass on Saturday.
   NJIT come into this game after playing some great lacrosse over the past two weeks but dropping both games.

Georgetown vs High Point

   Georgetown's season opener. 
   High Point will be looking for their first win.

Michigan vs Bellarmine

    Both teams know each other very well as this is their 6th all time meeting.
    Bellarmine is looking for their 1st win and revenge from last season.
    Michigan is coming off a win over Cleveland State in their season opener.

Colgate vs Binghamton

   This Battle of Upstate New York has Binghamton looking for their 1st win and Colgate looking fo their second w of the season.

UMass vs Sacred Heart

  This inter- New England Battle has UMass searching for a win after being blown out by Army and SHU looking for another big victory.

Maryland vs Marist

  The Attacking Champs look to get their 2nd win of the season and Marist looking for their 1st and what would be a huge upset.

Cleveland State vs Mercer

  Two teams looking for their first win of the year after two weeks. Mercer has their first road game and it should be a good one.