Bellarmine vs Robert Morris : Game Recap

Boston Globe, 2014

   The Bellarmine Knights had their season opener at home today against Robert Morris. Coming into this game Robert Morris was a heavy favorite as they had a 79% chance to win according to

   Bellarmine has a very young team so that was a big aspect of how their performance was today. RMU came in with a full head of steam as they almost knocked off Rutgers last Saturday. The Knights really did not get much done on offense until the second half. RMU was able to move the ball very well and got out to an early 3-1 lead at the end of the 1st. RMU was really able to move the ball very well and get shots from almost anywhere.

   Bellarmine was able to hold onto the ball as it seemed like their possessions lasted forever. They really could not penetrate that RMU D very much and most of their shots were open from 7-10 yards out. On D both teams had their ups and downs. Neither team was terrific in the fast break but RMU did have a little bit of an upper hand. However, the fast break is how Bellarmine got some action going in the 2nd half. That just wasn't enough for the Knights as they fell 15-7.

  Bellarmine's Defense was really their downfall as there were multiple missed slides or bad slides that left RMU open on the wing for a wide open shot. RMU's D was pretty good as they did not allow the Knights to get inside much at all.

   Some of the top guys fro each team were Landon Trout with 3 goals for BU and Carson Kealey with 3 goals for RMU. Jimmy Perkins had 6 assist for RMU and BU's assist leader today was Morgan Macko and Luke Legnard with 2 each. In the Goal BU's Ian Reilly was 10-15 and RMU's Alex Heger went 9-7.

   One bright spot for each team was in the clear game. Bellarmine went 14-15 and Robert Morris went 15-16. This is very good news for both teams as they are able to move the ball across the midfield line.

    Each team has some things that they need to work on and it's still very early in the season. Bellarmine will figure out how to get the offense to click and how to organize that D a little better. Robert Morris really can take some things away from this game as well and work on it. The BU vs RMU series is now 8-4 with Bellarmine leading.

Next up for Robert Morris is a date with Georgetown at home next Saturday. Bellarmine will hav e two games this week as they travel to Michigan on Tuesday and then will play at home against Cleveland State on Saturday.