Bellarmine vs Cleveland State : Game Recap

   This was a very cold and wet game as Bellarmine took on Cleveland State at home for their third game of the season.

  Bellarmine game out of the gate with a ton of energy despite the weather conditions. Bellarmine's offense was red hot in the first half as they had 5 goals in the 1st Q and 5 in the 2nd Q. Cleveland State did counter and they came up with some great plays as well. As the first half came to an end the Knights held a 10-5 lead over the Vikings.

   The second half saw a slow start from both teams. The snow had come to an end but both team really couldn't get much offense going as each team scored only one. The 4th quarter saw the Vikings heat up as they kept cutting into Bellarmine's lead. Luckily for the Knights they were able to easily step back on the pedal and never let the Vikings within 4 points of them. Bellarmine ended up winning this game 13-9 to get their 1st victory on the season.

  Some things that I really liked from both teams was the Goalie play. Each team played two goalies and they each played very well. It's hard to see the ball with the snow coming down but the goalies really didn't let that stop them at all.

  The Knights were very dominate on the ground balls today as that battle was won by the Knights as they gobbled up 28 opposed to Cleveland States 17. The clearing game was also a lot better for Bellarmine today as they ended up going 14-17 in that category. Cleveland State was 13-16 in the clearing game. So, a good showing from both there.

  Both teams I felt played good this game. Bellarmine really just had the edge and really had more energy than the Vikings. There were a few limitations in terms of change of direction plays because of the snow and wetness. I felt that both teams played a very aggressive game today and I really liked that.

  Bellarmine's next contest is on Saturday Feb. 24th against Manhattan in Pennsylvania. Cleveland State's next game is against Air Force on Friday Feb. 23rd. Good luck to both teams is in those games.