Will The XFL Hurt Lacrosse?

   If you all did not see or hear Vince McMahon announced yesterday that he is going to bring back the XFL in 2020. This league will start in the spring of 2020 around the same time that College Lacrosse starts. That means that if the XFL is a success this time it could take away from lacrosse.

  Now, how would that happen and how would it affect the game?

    Well, if the XFL gets on a good TV network and people watch it then more people would likely tune into football than lacrosse. I think this would be awful for the sport because the growth would stunt. People would not be seeing lacrosse as much as I would like them to. The growth would be stunted mostly in places like Texas where football is king. Also, any place that gets an XFL team and has a college, MLL, or NLL team needs to worry. I feel that could potentially impact the attendance of those games as well. Obviously places like upstate New York and Baltimore where they care a lot about lacrosse should be very safe from this hurt by football and the XFL. So, I think that TV would hurt the most and then attendance would be the second most hurt for the game of lacrosse because of the XFL coming back.

The Good News?

     The good news is that this new XFL will not start until 2020. By that time Utah and St. Bonaventure will be DI programs and I hope we have more new college teams announced. We will also have two new NLL franchises in Philadelphia and San Diego. Also, Dallas will be entering their 3rd MLL season and there will most likely be expansion teams announced in the near future. Also, the sport is still growing at a rapid rate at the grassroots level.  So, what I am saying here is that we still have two years where we can help grow and push the sport forward before our season gets invaded by some WWE dude who wants to revamp his failed football league.

    I really want us to push sport forward and I really do hope that the XFL doesn't take anything away from lacrosse at all. All the things that I talked about in this post are basically just things that could happen and are not for sure going to happen yet.