What Schools Should add Lacrosse Next?

Welcome in to part two of this five part series. In this second part we will continue to name teams that we think could and should add DI men's lacrosse. Each school that we name pretty much has some of the same things in common. We will still look at money, location, facilities, and the history or size of that athletic department. Another thing is the conference that schools are in for other sports that also sponsor lacrosse. In the A-10's case they will have a few teams in DI lacrosse so they could make lacrosse an official A-10 sport. in 2019 there will be 4 A-10 schools that will have lacrosse. Those schools are Umass, St. Bonaventure, St. Joseph's, and Richmond in the A-10 and that's one reason I think some of those schools should add lacrosse.

So let's get back into it and give show some more schools that we think can and should add DI men's lacrosse. This will be schools # 6-10 on the full list of 25.

6.  University of Alabama

- One of the most profitable athletic departments in the country

- Could attract many players from surrounding areas

- Could help establish SEC lacrosse

- Have great facilities

- Lacrosse in Bryant-Denny Stadium would look awesome!

7. University of Connecticut

- Has been lightly discussed

- In the biggest hotbed (Northeast)

- Have great athletic programs already

- Could find big money supporters

8. University of Rhode Island

- In the biggest hotbed (Northeast)

- would be good complement to their basketball and football  programs

- Could help push the A-10 to add men's lacrosse

- Could be a very attractable destination for recruits

9. Columbia University

- Only Ivy League school that doesn't have lacrosse

- In a very attractable market (NYC)

- Have the facilities

- Could be very competitive right away

10. Florida Gulf Coast

- Don't have football so lacrosse could become big

- Would help boom south Florida even more

- Would be very very attractable to recruits (Beach on campus)

- Another getaway for Northeast teams in February