What Schools Should Add Lacrosse next?

This going to be a three five part series because of the amount of Content that will be in each post. We have a list of 25 schools and we will have 5 schools in each post. So, Welcome to part one of five in this series. We will release another part each week on Friday. So, next Friday will be part two.

Utah Lacrosse investor David Neeleman said at the Inside lacrosse Industry Summit that in a few years there could be as many as six PAC-12 or other west coast teams going DI in men's lacrosse. That comment has got me thinking about what schools would be perfect for adding the sport.

    Obviously, the school would have to have money or a big time investor backing them as well as the space or availability of some good facilities. There are plenty of schools that meet this criteria and that I feel would do very well with adding men's lacrosse as a DI sport. Also, these schools would be able to add women's as well and some would have to because of Title IX (9). So, let's get into it and look at the top 25 schools that could and should add men's lacrosse.

1. University of Southern California

 - Currently have a Strong Women's program

 - Have Facilities

 - In an area of rapid growth

 - Would be a very attractable place to Recruit too

2. University of Louisville

- Currently have a strong Women's program

- Have facilities

- In an area with many local HS players

- Would give ACC their Automatic bid

- Already have a DI team in the same city (Bellarmine)

3. University of Oregon

- Nike Money

- Already have a Women's program

- Have facilities

- In the booming West

4. Georgia Tech

- In the biggest hotbed of the South

- Would give ACC their Automatic bid

- Could be very competitive right away

- Have good local coaches that could be on staff

5. University of Kentucky

- Could be the first domino to fall in the SEC

- Has many local HS players

- Already has a college team in Lexington (DIII Transylvania)

- Could create massive growth around the whole state