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Here are all the top stories from either us and other lacrosse outlets from this past week.

KY HS Player Feature: Jack McClellan

Lacrosse in the Olympics?!

   I personally would love to see this. Inside Lacrosse had a story this week that was specifically on this topic.


Race finds it way back into lacrosse this week

   Kyle Harrison had a very good post on Twitter this week that addressed the issue of race and racism that has recently plagued our great sport. I really liked Kyle's comment and thought it was very well said. I think if we all work together and continue to push the sports forward then we will come to a point of more diversity as we are getting closer every day. 


Now, We also had a very dissapointing post on social media that was posted by a member of the US Women's National Team. This is very awful and sad that US Lacrosse has not done anything about this.

This just shows you that as a sport and a community we need to do better. Coaches, Players, Parents, Officials, etc. We all need to work together to make this sport as great as it can be. I believe that Lacrosse is the closet community in any sport. I also believe that we are one of the most open and inclusive communities of any sport as well. That needs to be shown and showcased more than these garbage racist comments that have been seen on the HS and now National team level.


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Atlanta Blaze named their new President earlier this week on Tuesday.

Check out that story here: 

Ohio Machine Named their coaching staff for 2018!

The MLL Supplemental Draft will take place on January 17th!