MLL Supplemental Draft

   Today the MLL held their supplemental draft at 2 PM. The supplemental draft is basically the draft where all the guys that were not put on protected rosters back in the fall or didn't get drafted last year go. This is basically a pot of a lot of good names that would make any team happy. The MLL limits the number of protected guys so a lot of guys that either started or heavily contributed somewhere last year end up in the supplemental draft. It can be a little confusing to someone that is new to the league but as you follow the league and get more into it then you will understand better.

    There were some god names that were picked up today including James Pannell who is now a Boston Cannon.  The number one selection was goalie Benny Pugh. Boston used that pick they got from New York the other day to get a very good asset in Tanner Scales.

    Now, You all knew this was coming. I have to highlight the guys that have spent any amount of time here in Louisville, KY or playing for Bellarmine. Two very good guys from Bellarmine got picked up by the same team. Attackman Shawn Evans got picked up by Denver as well as Goalie Dillon Ward. Both of whom will be representing Canada this summer in the FIL World Championships in Netanya, Israel.

  Before we get into what the results were have to talk about who win the supplemental draft. Just, looking at the results from each team I would have to say that Boston won this draft in my opinion. I feel that Boston was the one team that needed the most additions to improve for next season. Today I was just reinsured that they accomplished that a little bit more today. Benny Pugh, former Richmond goalie, and Tanner Scales, former Virginia defenseman, were their first round picks and I feel that those two will help immensely this season.

   So, let's get into the actual draft. The MLL and the teams put out each draft pick on their social media outlets. We have all those tweets retweeted over on our Twitter as well.

Now here is the rundown of each round from today's supplemental draft.