KY HS Player Feature: Jack McClellan


 Jack McClellan is a Sophomore Goalie at Trinity High School in Louisville, KY. Jack was very fortunate that he was able to be part of the varsity team last season and win a KSLL State Championship.  Jack is a very dedicated kid to the sport of lacrosse and I have seen this first hand being around him last year. He will be entering his second year of High School Lacrosse this season so he has a lot of room in front of him to improve and grow as a player.

Here is the Q&A that we did with Jack.

Everyone seems to have an interesting way that they were introduced to the sport so how did you get Started in Lacrosse?

Some of my friends started playing in fourth grade and I decided to give it a try. Also, my uncle played Lacrosse in high school in California, and when I was really little my parents brought me to some of his games so I could cheer him on.

What are your expectations or goals going into your Sophomore year at Trinity?

When it comes to expectations, I can’t really think of any. Wherever the coaches put me on the team I’ll be happy, and they’ve been around Lacrosse longer than I and know more than I do. Regarding any goals I have, I definitely want to get faster, stronger, and compete at as high a level as I possibly can, but I also want to have fun and enjoy my time on the team.

 How has playing Box for L4 helped you this off season?

The speed of Box has helped me track the ball easier, focus on one shot at a time, and react quickly to a shot. Also, it has helped me trim up my communication to the primary things that the defense will be able to understand and react quickly to, such as cutters or picks. 

 All you goalies seem to be a little off for wanting to stand in cage and get pelted. What made you want to play goalie?

Whenever I started playing Lacrosse I played mostly attack, which was unfortunate, because for most of the season the ball was stuck at the other end of the field. I only played attack for a year and a half before I decided to try being a goalie.   I think I believed that if I played goalie, then I would play a lot more and see more action than I did on attack. Not to mention, I get a bit of an adrenaline rush each time a ball is shot at me, which is an added bonus.

You always seem to have a ton of energy all the time, where do you think you get that from?

I’m not really sure. Most of the time the energy comes as a side effect of me having fun and exercising. It also comes about when we have competitions in practice or are playing in a close game.

What are your goals as far as playing at the next level?

I’m not quite sure what I want to do at the next level, but I know that I would like to play collegiately. At the moment I think I’m leaning towards DIII, but I have yet to see many schools and how they run their programs, which could change everything.

How would you grade where the game is in KY right now? 

It’s getting bigger and more competitive by the month, which is awesome. It definitely has a long way to go before we’re recognized nationally for Lacrosse like Maryland and Long Island are, but we’re definitely improving as a state and are able compete with others in the region. Programs like Stickhead, True, and, more recently, L4 have helped to keep the sport growing and to push us to develop our skills. The willingness of Bellarmine students, alumni, and people who grew up playing Lacrosse to coach programs has also helped jumpstart our knowledge of the game and our level of play.

What do you think needs to be done to make Lacrosse better in the state of Kentucky? 

I would say that more locations and programs like King Louie Sports Complex need to embrace Lacrosse to give people a place to compete with others and improve their skills. Also, travel teams should go to places where they will be challenged and can witness kids their age playing at a higher level. This will push them to improve their skills and will show them what there is to achieve through hard work. Also, with time, things like the officiating and instruction will get better and more competitive programs will emerge out of different parts of Kentucky. These programs will be able to compete at a higher level, and they will be able to have more fun while competing against each other and against people from other parts of the country. The sanctioning of Lacrosse by KHSAA would also allow Lacrosse to reach more areas of the state and to grow and prosper in areas that haven't already been touched by Lacrosse. 

    Jack had some great answers for us and we were glad we could feature him. We want to wish him a great season and as of right now I think his team is the favorite to win the State Championship again!