KY HS Player Feature: Henry Stites

       Henry Stites is one of Kentucky’s most premiere high school lacrosse players. Henry is a senior at Louisville Collegiate High School and next year he will be attending and playing DI Lacrosse for Ivy League Dartmouth. 
Henry the rest of the Collegiate senior class  have a record of 29-21 going into their senior year.  He really looks to approve upon that and win each game that is completely winnable. We were able to obtain some Q&A via Email with Henry back in December and here is what he had to say.


 Everyone seems to have an interesting way that they were introduced to the sport so how did you get Started in Lacrosse?

The  former Athletic Director/Varsity coach at my school (collegiate), Chad Wabrek, had a long history of coaching lacrosse on the east coast, so when he took the job at collegiate he brought a lot that experience to my school. He would start kids playing in the first grade all the way up through high school. When I went to my first lacrosse camp in third grade, he came to my house at 6am to drop off a helmet. I’ve been playing and loving the game ever since.

What are your expectations or goals for your senior year at Collegiate? 

My expectation is that we (collegiate) beat every team we should. And when I say that I mean we beat every team excluding St. X and Trinity. My hope is that somehow the stars align for us, and we could pull off an upset against X or trinity and find a way into the State Championship. It’s always been a dream of mine to get to play in that game. We have a super talented offense this year, one of the most talented groups i’ve been apart of at collegiate, but will need to figure some things out defensively if we want to be successful.

what has been your best experience playing at Collegiate?

My best experience without a doubt was beating Trinity my freshman year. It was such a hard fought, team win and it was pretty cool to get to share that moment with my older brother, who played his best game in the goal for us that game.

How was it playing Box up north this summer?

It was an incredible experience. I got the opportunity to learn and play the game with people who know it best, and I really got a feel for the box lacrosse game. It’s very different from field, which I quickly learned, but nonetheless it is a ton of fun. The game is super rough, they allow you to play much more than USBOXLA allows and it's very difficult to actually get a penalty. It was pretty cool to travel to the reservation and play against Six Nations (even though we got killed) because those guys have such fluid sticks and there's so much history in that arena. I hope I get the chance to play box in Canada again someday.

What was the recruiting process like for you and why did you choose Dartmouth? 

My recruiting process went relatively smoothly. I had my first call with a division 1 coach September of my freshman year, but really started to get recruited that summer following my freshman year. I only played in two events prior to fracturing my scapula and being out for the entire summer, but luckily I played really well at Adrenaline Black Card and Prep School showcase and was able to muster up some attention.The schools considering me were Brown, Dartmouth, UPENN, Loyola MD, Cornell, Richmond, Providence, Holy Cross, and Delaware. Ultimately, I decided I wanted to attend an Ivy League school because of the academic opportunity, and I immediately fell in love with Dartmouth when I visited. The program hadn’t been seeing the same kind of  success that a lot of the other programs I was looking at had, but after sitting down with Coach Callahan and hearing his story/goals for where he sees the program in a few years, I knew I could have a special experience at this school. Since committing nearly 2 and half years ago, my belief in the program and our coaches has only grown stronger and I can’t wait to finally get on campus and make a name for myself and Dartmouth College.

What advice would you give to a youth kid who wants to get to where you are someday?

I would tell any kid who wants to be the best lacrosse player they can be/get recruited to play at a high level to try their best to get to the east coast. Whether that’s for developmental camps or recruiting showcases, the best lacrosse just isn’t played here in Kentucky and any kid with lacrosse dreams needs to be exposed to the best from a young age. I decided it was my dream to play division one lacrosse when I was in 7th grade, and since then I played the majority of my lacrosse in Baltimore for club lacrosse teams such as West Coast Starz, MidWest Select, Titanium Elite, and True National. I know it isn’t always easy to travel, but if you have the means to do so, playing on the east coast really is the best way to improve your game. Aside from that, I would recommend subscribing to every lacrosse channel there is on youtube and watch lacrosse videos as much as possible. There isn’t a huge lacrosse influence in our state, but you can learn a ton on the internet or from watching college lacrosse.

How would you grade where the game is in KY right now? 

It’s unfortunate but I feel like lacrosse has yet to grow here like it has in other non-hotbed areas. With the exception of L4 lacrosse, there's really no training or competitive teams in Louisville to play for during the offseason on a regular basis, and the spring season is pretty bad as well. The sport has yet to be sanctioned and it’s St. X and Trinity in the championship every year while the other teams can barely throw and catch.

What do you think needs to be done to make Lacrosse better in the state of Kentucky? 

First the sport needs to become a sanctioned high school sport. And then somehow baseball would have to lose some leverage at the bigger schools like the oldhams, CAL, and public schools in order for their to be more kids playing lacrosse. All those schools have great athletes, it's just a matter of getting them playing lacrosse. Once those schools get heavily involved in the sport I could see there being a lot less disparity between Trinity/X and everybody else.

       Henry is certainly a great Lacrosse player and we have been witness to that first hand. We feel that he has a ton of potential to reach this season and at Dartmouth as well. We would like to wish Henry good luck during his final high school season. Also, a big thank you for him as he is our very first HS player feature that we have ever done. 

     Stay tuned for our next KY High School Player Feature as we will have those coming out pretty fast over the course of this month. Thank you for reading and please check out some of our other content as well.
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                       - Tanner Demling