KY High School Player Feature: Jake Jones

Jake Jones is a senior Midfielder and Face-Off specialist for Covington Catholic High School. Jake and his team went 16-5 last season and look to improve upon that this season. We were able to get some Q&A with Jake and he had some great stuff to say.


Everyone seems to have an interesting way that they were introduced to the sport so how did you get Started in Lacrosse?

One of my good friends had been playing lacrosse since 6th grade, and I always fascinated by lacrosse, but I couldn't play because I was busy with swimming. In the summer going into my freshman year, my friend gave me his old stick and I got to play around and learn from him, and it took off from there. I started playing lacrosse the next spring as a freshman at Cov Cath.

What are your goals going into the season?

This season I'm striving to be the best leader and best player I can be every day.  We lost 12 seniors from last year, 7 of which were starters, so I'm trying to step up in my roles on this team. Despite losing a lot, we still have a strong group of core guys, and I look forward to making a run for the state championship this year.  Individually, goals that I have set are: to become a better all-around midfielder, especially on the offensive end, get more ground balls, improve upon last years success at the faceoff X, make the players around me better, and be All State and All American.

What has been your best experience playing at Covington Catholic?

I'd have to say my best experience so far has been the playoffs last year. It was great being a part of the best team Cov Cath has ever had, and winning our district for the first time ever. There was lot of hype building up in the state playoff as we were trying to make a run for the state championship. Unfortunately, we lost in the final four to Henry Clay, but it's a memory I'll never forget.

How has working with the Face-off Academy helped you?

The Faceoff Academy has been huge in my development as a player, especially as a faceoff midfielder. They have given me the tools to be successful at the faceoff x and an athlete after the draw. I have learned valuable lessons of hard work and discipline and have developed numerous relationships from the Faceoff Academy. Coach Anthony Kelly has been a great help, as I've gotten to work with him semi-regularly up in Columbus.

What have you done over the offseason to improve your game?

This past fall I ran cross country for Cov Cath to improve my endurance, knowing that I'm going to be needed on the field a lot this spring. This fall I also played in tournaments with the Commonwealth Kings and Knights LC. I have really been  emphasizing working on my offensive skills to prepare for this season. I try to pick up my stick everyday and either do wall ball, shoot, or do faceoff work. This winter I have also been working out at Athletic Strength And Power (ASAP) and playing box lacrosse.

What was the recruiting process like for you and why did you chose Rollins?

The recruiting process was a fun yet stressful process for me. By going on college visits and going to camps I really was able to find what I wanted in a school. I originally thought I was going to commit this summer but I ended up waiting to give other schools chances and to make the best possible decision. I ended up choosing Rollins, as it was a perfect fit for me and was hard to beat. Rollins has excellent academics and an amazing business program where I can get my masters in 5 years. The lacrosse team has had great success the past few years and has very bright future, I also really enjoyed the guys on the team.  The location was also hard to beat. Winter Park is a super nice area and being just outside of Orlando, there are numerous internship opportunities. Rollins is where I saw myself thriving as a student-athlete while getting to enjoy the college experience and preparing myself for life.

What advice would you give to a youth kid who is picking up the game for the 1st

The advice I would give is to not be afraid to fail and make mistakes, and to play as much lacrosse as possible and have fun with it. That's when you'll really see yourself improve and start to love the game.

How would you grade where the game is in KY right now? 

While Kentucky lacrosse continues to grow, we are a bit behind neighboring states like Ohio and Indiana. I would grade it as a C right now. There are some really good teams and players in our state but definitely room for improvement.

What do you think needs to be done to make Lacrosse better in the state of Kentucky? 

I think sanctioning lacrosse and making it a KHSAA sport would be a big help. With it being a “club” sport, some schools don't treat it seriously. I believe sanctioning lacrosse would help give it the respect it deserves, which means better coaches, more teams, and more players.

Some great answers from Jake there. We want to wish him the best this season and hope he has a great year.

Also, here are Jake's highlights from 2017!