NLL Preview: Calgary Roughnecks

   Welcome to our third NLL team preview post! Today we will be previewing the Calgary Roughnecks. We are now 7 days away from the start of the season and every day grows with bigger excitement!


     The Roughnecks are the first team that we have previewed from the west. They finished in last out of 4 teams in the west last season with a record of 8-10. The Roughnecks have finished with the same record the past two years but finished third and made the playoffs in 2016. The Roughnecks look to get back to the playoffs this season. 
     Calgary will open their season at Rochester on December 9th. These teams met only once last season and Calgary took that game 11-9. That game last year was played in Rochester as well. Now, Calgary is in the west where the two most dominant teams, in most peoples eyes, sit. Calgary will have to get through a strong Saskatchewan team and a good Colorado team. This has been the norm in the west of the past couple of years and it isn't going to change anytime soon. The Roughnecks will have a tough time in the west but I believe that they have a shot to make the playoffs this season.

Key Players:

Curtis Dickson:
Position: Forward

    Superman as they call him is the life, blood, and soul of this team. Curtis Dickson has been Calgary for a few years now. When I say that this man is Calgary, I mean this man is Calgary. He is their leader and can put on a sho every night. That's one reason why they call him superman. Dickson will put this team on his back again this year as he has in the past and trust me, you will hear about him every single night. Dickson is the beat of this team and they know that. If he can repeat his performance last year that consisted of 54 goals, 53 assist, and 107 points than I think that will be a success for him personally. Now, Calgary just needs to have the rest of the team follow in his lead and they could actually do something special. 

Zach Currier
Position: Transition

     Zach Currier will enter his rookie season after a great career at Princeton. While in college Currier was an all around playmaker. I don't ever remember him playing just one position in any game. That is why I feel he can be a top guy right off that bat for Calgary. Currier's style of play and how he can do a lot of different things really compliments Dickson. Also, Currier can score too which will help them out this year. Oh and he can play D as well. That's why he's a transition player because he can do many different things on the floor. Currier can learn and grow under the Superman and that could potentially be deadly in a couple of years.

2017 Season Stats:


Thanks for reading today and we really hope you are enjoying this NLL preview stuff. Be on the look out for more, as you should already know. We hope you will check out our other stuff on the blog as well. until next time...
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             - Tanner Demling