MLL Schedule Release


       Today the MLL released it's schedule for the 2018 season. The 2018 season will start in April and will run through the middle of August. I know we are very excited to see the schedule so we can start circling games and what not. The one thing different about this MLL season is that the FIL World Championships will be held right smack dab in the middle of the season. Much like the winer olympics and the NHL, the MLL and FIL World games interfere. We have seen this before and it is not one bit a problem. I love watching both and most certainly will watch both. However, there is a concern for players. The 2014 FIL World Championships were held in Denver, CO. That was an awesome event to watch and I loved every minute of it. After the games were over and the guys that represented their respective countries came back to the MLL there were some injuries. Most notable was the injury to Paul Rabil. That is the only worry I have about this is year is that some MLL guys may get hurt. Now if Canada can't send a team to Israel then obviously none of those guys would really be at risk for injury due to over use of their bodies and that constant competition.
   Overall, I am very excited for the MLL schedule being released so that we can start to think about the season. The MLL needs some kind of positive thing to talk about to help them gain some trust and excitement back after what has been a very eventful off season and not in a good way for the MLL. I have stated that I love all things lacrosse and support both MLL and NLL so I want both to be mainstream leagues up with the NBA, NFL, and NHL. I still stand behind the sport and that statement. I can not wait for the MLL season as well as the NLL season which starts in a little more than a week. So let's get talking about this schedule for the 2018 MLL season.

Week 1:

April 21st
   Denver @ New York

    Boston @ Charlotte

    Dallas @ Chesapeake

April 22nd
    Florida @ Atlanta

Week 2:

April 27th
   Dallas @ Charlotte

April 28th
   Chesapeake @ Florida

   Boston @ Atlanta
 April 29th
   Denver @ Dallas   *1st regular season game in Dallas*

   New York @ Ohio

Week 3:

May 3rd
   Chesapeake @ Charlotte

May 4th
   New York @ Denver

May 5th
   Dallas @ Boston

   Charlotte @ Ohio

May 6th
   Denver @ Florida

   Atlanta @ New York

Week 4:

May 10th
   Boston @ Florida

May 12th
   Dallas @ Ohio

   Atlanta @ Boston

May 13th
   Chesapeake @ Denver

Week 5:

May 19th
   Atlanta @ Dallas

   Chesapeake @ Boston

   Charlotte @ Denver

   New York @ Florida

Week 6:

May 26th
   Ohio @ Dallas

   Dallas @ Florida

Week 7:

June 2nd
   New York @ Atlanta

   Ohio @ Chesapeake

   Florida @ Boston

   Denver @ Charlotte

Week 8:

June 7th
   Ohio @ Denver

   Boston @ Dallas

June 9th
   Florida @ New York

   Chesapeake @ Ohio

   Charlotte @ Atlanta

Week 9:

June 16th
   Atlanta @ Chesapeake

   Charlotte @ New York

   Ohio @ Dallas

   Florida @ Denver

Week 10:

June 23rd
   Dallas @ Atlanta

   New York @ Boston

   Florida @ Charlotte

   Denver @ Ohio

All-Star Break

June 28th
   2018 MLL All-Star Game

Week 11:

June 30th
   Ohio @ New York

   Atlanta @ Charlotte

July 2nd
   Boston @ Chesapeake

Week 12:

July 4th
   Boston @ Denver * Annual 4th of July game that Denver puts on - Thanks John Elway

July 7th
   Ohio @ Florida

   Charlotte @ Dallas

   New York @ Chesapeake

Week 13:

July 19th
   Boston @ New York

July 21st
   Atlanta @ Ohio

   Charlotte @ Chesapeake

July 22nd
   Dallas @ Denver

Week 14:

July 26th
   Florida @ Ohio

   Chesapeake @ Atlanta

July 28th
   New York @ Dallas 

   Atlanta @ Florida

   Charlotte @ Boston

   Denver @ Chesapeake

Week 15:

August 4th
   Chesapeake @ New York

   Florida @ Dallas

   Ohio @ Boston

   Denver @ Atlanta




August 18th
   2018 MLL Championship Game

     Thank you all for reading today. By the way The FIL world game will run from July 12-21st so that would affect week 13 for sure and maybe 12 and 14 as well if payers take time off. I can not wait for the MLL season to start and this schedule release just means we are one step closer to the season. Again Thanks for reading and go check out our other content as well. As always...

   Stay Hydrated!
          - Tanner Demling