Major League Lacrosse Update

Sued by a team owner? Moving the Rattlers to Dallas? Still not commenting on a search for a new commissioner? Accidentally leaking players personal info? What is next for the MLL?

        The MLL has had a really rough year that has come with much criticism. The one thing that I can say is that even with a lot of stuff going on around the league the product on the field never ever has been any better. The MLL has grown so much since its inception in 2001. They have had many successes and many defeats. There have been teams fold and new teams pop-up or teams move. The MLL has been through the ringer many times but still, it stays standing. I think is a testament to how great the on-field product is. Personally, I love watching the MLL just as much as I do College or NLL or International. Lacrosse to me is Lacrosse and I will always support it no matter what is going on in the politics or anything behind the scenes. This year I feel has been one of the worst for the MLL. They have been criticized since the first weekend of the 2017 season. The LSN broadcast was one of the major complaints but also refs and other things as well. This offseason had been pretty quiet until around the end of August. We are going to go through most everything that has happened around the MLL thus far since the season has ended and the Ohio Machine claimed the Title!


    The MLL is supposedly going to have an announcement in Dallas tomorrow regarding the Rattlers moving from Rochester to Dallas, according to Dallas Bizjournal. Also, the MLL filed Trademark paperwork for Dallas Ratters and the league commented on it Friday 10/20 which is the day it was reported by Jack Goods who is a Buffalo sports reporter. 

Here is the story by Inside Lacrosse:

Here is the Dallas Business Journal story:


 The Ex-Owner of the Atlanta Blaze, Peter Trematerra, who apparently sold the team back to the League. Joe Keegan had reported of rumblings about the re-sell back to the league. Joe Keegan also followed up with some reports of possible ownership. The weird thing about all this selling thing is that apparently, The Blaze could not confirm anything, according to College Crosse. Now there are reports, first coming from SB Nation's College Crosse, that Ex- Owner Peter Trematerra has filed a lawsuit against the League. Now, there is documentation in Massachutes that states, and proves, the lawsuit. Trematerra is apparently suing the MLL over misinformation and other things that relate to those kinds of things, such as the Blaze having to outfit the team with certain equipment for an unreasonable price. This is obviously serious but I seriously doubt that much will make of it. The complaint was filed on April, 13th, 2017. 

Here is the memorandum and order: 

Here is the article from college crosse:

Leaking Player info?

   The MLL put out a press release that had a spreadsheet that contained some private info. the type of info that if it was the NBA there would no longer be a league. This spreadsheet had SSN's, Addresses, and phone numbers of current and former players. Now, why is there a spreadsheet open to people that contains that info anyway? I don't think that we will ever know.The fact of the matter is that this is awful and should never have happened. As I said earlier, The MLL is lucky they are not the NBA, NFL, or NHL because then there may be no more league. Also, it would be national news, maybe international news. This obviously was an accident but again a Professional Lacrosse League should not even be capable of making this kind of a childish mistake. I feel bad for the MLL on this one because it most likely was an intern that didn't know what they were doing. We had something on this issue after it happened so we will link that below.

 MLL security breach:

Commissioner Search?

   David Gross has done great things for this league. He is the only commissioner that the MLL has ever known. Some may disagree but I applaud him for his service to our game, Lacrosse. He stepped up when probably a lot of people didn't believe that an MLL would even work. Now, we thank Mr. Gross for his service and also for being very accessible to the public. We emailed him a few weeks ago after the Dallas trademark thing surfaced and he emailed us back a full statement within 24 hours. You can't find that in any other league, besides the NLL. Lacrosse just has a sense of community and Gross has bought into that and ultimately that is great for the game and the league. Also, we want to mention that Gross also oversaw the creation of LSN which helps give the MLL more access worldwide through online game streaming and also daily content for the entire sport.
   Last year David Gross announced that 2017 would be his last season as commissioner of the MLL. Now, you would think that somebody would have some kind of update on the search but no. Nobody has heard anything. I truly hope that we hear something at least by the new year. I also want to note that Gross will remain on staff and will still be at the helm of LSN. 

   So, as you can see that there has been a ton of off-field things that the MLL has had to deal with this season. I hope that all this stuff gets straightened out and I can't wait for next season! Again we were just stating facts and what has happened. We mean no disrespect to the MLL or anyone in the league offices. We love MLL lacrosse here and we 100% want them to succeed. We love the NLL just as equally and want them to succeed as well as their season is merely a month away!!! We love both leagues and overall we are all just a bunch of Lacrosse junkies who would die for this game!

   Stay Hydrated!
          - Tanner Demling