December Calendar

   December will be full of Box lacrosse action both here in our local area, Louisville,KY, as well as in the NLL. The NLL regular season starts on December 8th. locally USBOXLA is holding a tournament here in Louisville,KY at King Louie's Sports Complex. Here is an image of our calendar where you all can take a look at what we have going on in the month of December. You will find every NLL game in that month marked on there as well as the USBOXLA Tournament.


     This was a little bit different than most stuff we usually do but we hoped you liked it and we might start doing this kind of Monthly preview type stuff as the NLL season gets into gear and then on into the College and MLL seasons as well. Until next time have a great week and a great rest of November.

          Stay hydrated!
              - Tanner Demling