Dallas Rattlers

New Dallas Rattlers Logo

    The MLL held a press conference earlier today in which they announced that the Rattlers would be moving from Rochester to Dallas. This will mark the second time that the Rattlers organization has relocated. On top of the relocation, there was an announcement of a new coach for the Rattlers. Tim Soudan was the head coach before this move. The new head coach will be Bill Warder who has been an assistant for the Rattlers since 2007. 

MLL Commissioner David Gross said, 
     “We have been interested in the North Texas area for quite some time and we are thrilled that our dream of bringing an MLL team to Dallas has come to fruition." 

The Commissioner also thanked the City of Rochester,
      “We would like to thank the city of Rochester, the Dworkin family and everyone who has supported the Rattlers for their devotion to the team. We believe this relocation will make the franchise stronger than ever and will bring the highest level of lacrosse to a rapidly growing hotbed for the sport.” 

   The Rattlers will now play there games in Frisco, TX at the Ford Center at the Star, aka Dallas Cowboys practice facility. I have not seen anything declaring this but I am almost certain that Jerry Jones is involved in this because why not. The MLL has hosted many events at the Star in Frisco including the MLL championship game last year. Every time I've seen a game in Dallas there is always a nice crowd so I hope that will continue with the Rattlers. I am confident that this franchise will have a very good support system and can be run very well. I am excited to see what the Future holds for the MLL in Texas and other places as the league continue to expand to new markets.

  However, not everyone seems to be happy about this move. There have been reports that many of the current players and coaches will retire because of this move. The Rattlers have been a very tight-knit group in the locker room. When you do something drastic like move the team away from Rochester, where most players and coaches live nearby, that isn't very highly looked upon by all. I think that there will be a team back in WNY sooner than later. That is the birthplace of lacrosse and we need a team there. I can easily see a new franchise popping up in Syracuse or maybe even Albany within the next 2-5 years. After the MLL gets there flirtation with NorCal out of there system then they will put a team back in Upstate NY I believe. Here is a statement from Inside Lacrosse from former Rochester Rattlers coach Tim Soudan.

   “If we had a couple more years at the stadium we might be in the middle of the pack, attendance-wise. If it happens for sure, it would be a shame. We are in the birthplace of Iroquois nation.”

  So, Dallas has been done and Jerry Jones can get his Lacrosse fix on. Now, where do you all think the MLL will go Next? 
   How does Louisville, KY sound? New 10,000 Soccer stadium coming that would be a great venue. I think it can work very well.