CUFLA Gameday!

GOOOOD Morning! Today is the day that we have all been waiting for all week and really all season. It's finally Baggataway Cup GameDay! Win you advance, Lose you go home. You do you have winning tonight?

Let's go through today's schedule once again as we did earlier this week.
Remember that all games this weekend will be streamed on the CUFLA Facebook page

Ok let's get right down to it and roll out the schedule for tonight!

Tonight we just have two Quarterfinal games and the winners of those games will move on to the semifinal games tomorrow night.

The first game will be a battle between Guelph and Trent.

Guelph vs Trent - 4:00 PM
Live Stream

The Second game being played tonight will be between Western and Queens

Western vs Queens - 7:00 PM
Live Stream

Now, after tonight the winners will move on to the Semifinals. The top two teams, Brock and McGill, have recived a bye in the Quarterfinals and therefore will play the winners of the Quarterfinals.

Guelph / Trent vs Brock - 1:00 PM
Live Stream

Western / Queens vs McGill - 4:00 PM
Live Stream

The two teams that survive the Semifinals will obviously be the last two standing and will battle it out for the Baggataway Cup Sunday afternoon!

TBA vs TBA - 1:00 PM

Now that we have seen who is playing tonight and what will happen after tonight let's go back and see who Tanner picked in these Quarterfinal games, shall we.

Tanner's Picks


Guelph 20 vs Trent 18

Western 17 vs Queens 15

There are Tanner's CUFLA Quarterfinal picks for tonight and now all we can do is sit back and wait to see what happens. 

We hope you all get to enjoy the quarterfinal games today and the rest of the games this weekend as well. We will have an update on each round as well as an entire weekend review that will be out on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Until next time enjoy the games tonight!

Stay Hydrated
     - Tanner Demling