Canadian Lacrosse Association Update

   The Canadian Lacrosse Association , CLA, Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of three members of the national team program. Dean French, Chairman; Dave Huntley, Director, Men’s Field Lacrosse; and Johnny Mouradian, Director, Box Lacrosse have all resigned from their post and that is effective immediately! 

    This comes after a mess that has been brewing for a while and has been on the forefront since the Heritage Cup. The three sent in their resignation back on October, 22nd and it has just now been accepted by the CLA board of directors. 

    The one thing that worries me is that this will effect Canada in the FIL World Games this summer in Israel. Dave Huntley has resigned and he is the director of the field program so that is where my worry is. As of right now no coaches have stepped down yet but I feel there will be coaches stepping down by the spring. We have done many other things on this CLA mess as have other media outlets. We are going to link all those at the bottom of this article. 

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