Canadian Lacrosse Association Mess Update

    Well, as we all know some pretty important people resigned from their duties within the CLA last week. We had a story up on Friday about that. Now there has been even more mess that was announced this afternoon by Inside Lacrosse. Joey Harris has been re-elected as president of the CLA. This is the exact man that everyone wanted gone, coaches and players wanted him gone, and now he is being re-elected. During all this mess the CLA pulls a move like this. I we stated on twitter this is simply just all politics. This is truly a mess. Now I don't want to rant too much so I am just going to leave you with the story from Inside Lacrosse. They explain everything that we have been the past couple weeks starting with the letter sent by coaches to the CLA to the accepting of resignations last week and now this. Truly i fear for the state of the game up north and I really hope that everything can be settled as soon as possible. Below is a link to 1st the most recent Inside lacrosse article and than all the other articles we have talked about throughout the past month.

Here are the Links:

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Inside Lacrosse Stories:

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