Basketball Night in America

The NBA season is now a week in and we will do the same as we did for the NFL. We will attempt to put together a roster made up of Pro Lacrosse players. Since Basketball only has 5 players on the floor at a time we will go ahead and make two starting 5 teams. Let's get going and welcome to NBA season folks!

1st Team                                                                                             

PG- Rob Pannell

SG- Kyle Harrison

SF- Paul Rabil

PF- Brodie Merrill

C- Scotty Rogers

2nd Team

PG- Steele Stanwick

SG- Will Manny

SF- Tom Schrieber

PF- Joe Walters

C- Dillon Ward

If these teams went head to head who do you think would win? What would the score be? I know we have some basketball experience on both sides of the ball which would really help the experience factor out a whole lot. Well, that's all she wrote so you all have a great rest of the day and week. Don't forget to check out our CUFLA Championship Weekend coverage from earlier this week as well as this weekend too.

   Stay Hydrated!
           - Tanner Demling