Weekly Bucket

Good Morning! I hope everyone has had a great week and has been able to get some Lacrosse in their lives. This week on the Weekly Bucket we will have some great College content as well as CUFLA and others as well!
Let's Dive in!

College Lacrosse

We first start off on Sunday night with probably the greatest highlight of this fall in any sport. Theoka Nanticoke's amazing goal in Albany's scrimmage vs Hopkins makes Sports Center top 10 coming in at #2

Now we move toward some more Schedule announcements from this week.
Penn State announced their 2018 schedule on Monday night as well as Utah who will begin DI play in 2019. 

ICYM we had an interview with Utah head Coach Brian Holman earlier this year. If you haven't checked it out yet I suggest you do now! Here is the link below:

Last Weekend there was a ton of College Fallball action so here are some links to game coverage from Inside Lacrosse

UNC vs Ohio State in MRB Thumbs Up Event

DII Limestone Takes on DI Denver

Rutgers, Loyola, and Umass

Villnova vs Navy

Headstrong Baltimore Event:

Hopkins vs Army

Albany vs Richmond

Cornell, Michigan, and Nazareth

The Season '18
The first episode dropped last week and you can check it out here
Chapter 1: Rise in Fall

2017 Fall All-Access with Lehigh


Go check out our newest CUFLA Weekly post


2017-18 NLL Promo: Today is Our Day

1on1 with Dillon Ward - Colorado Mammoth Goalie


The NBA season just tipped off on Tuesday night with the Cavilers vs Celtics and Warriors vs Rockets.

Just like we did with the NFL team we will do the same with NBA which is make an NBA roster out of MLL and NLL guys. This will come out sometime next week so be on the lookout for that and it should be really good!


In this ever changing world Podcast have become a great way to gain knowledge and get ideas as well as just general news. Here are some great Lacrosse related Podcast that have come out in the last week.

Suiting Up Podcast with Paul Rabil

IL Lacrosse Industry Pod



The Heritage Cup, a Box game between the US and Canada, will be live streamed on Twitter via CBC Sports! 
Here is a link to the announcement from the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA)

Other info:
Date: Saturday, October 21st
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Link to Watch: will be released day of I'm guessing by CLA social media accounts

Hope you all have a great rest of the week and we will have more content out next week.

Stay Hydrated
  - Tanner Demling