San Diego Seals

      This afternoon the NLL announced the new San Diego franchise's brand name and logo. After much speculation, it turns out that the new San Diego franchise would, in fact, be called the San Diego Seals! Jack Goods, a Journalist out from The Buffalo Sports News, originally reported that the franchise would be called the Seals a few days back. Although the Original report came from Marisa Ingemi on October, 22nd.  Also, SB Nation's College Crosse looked up the trademark yesterday and in fact, the NLL had filed for San Diego Seals as the US Patented trademark. The NLL sent out an email that included the full press release and we will link that down below as well as the Seals new website.

Here is the Offical press release from the NLL:

  Thank's for reading and we can't wait for the NLL season and for the announcement that the Philadelphia franchise will be called the Wings as they should be! Until next time check out some of our CUFLA content from earlier this week including a Playoff Preview show on Youtube!

   Stay Hydrated!
          - Tanner Demling