How much is it to tryout for Team Canada???

Update on Canadian Lacrosse Association mess:

   There is more drama up in Canada that surrounds the National men's team. This most recent report is an article on Inside Lacrosse from again the man in Canada, Stephen Stamp, in which they talked to Cam Holding about much it cost him to play for team Canada and how there is no coverage for injuries or surgeries, which there should be.

    " I lose about half my income for the year." 

                             - Cam Holding told IL Indoor

    This article is just another snowball that has fallen from the Great North! This really sheds more light on the financial situation of the Canadian Lacrosse Association. I really hope that all this stuff is cleaned up before the FIL Worlds in Israel this summer, as I stated in the last article that this situation could affect that.  In our first article, we mention the mess and we talked about the stuff that the Peterborough Examiner has reported on this issue. This update obviously was very short but we will link all the articles down below from Inside Lacrosse and The Peterborough Examiner as well as our's. We will provide more updates as this thing progresses even more.

Peterborough Examiner Stories:


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Inside Lacrosse Stories:

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