CPLL Update

The CPLL is the newest pro lacrosse league in North America. The Canadian Professional Lacrosse League will start play in during this spring 2018. As of now, they have been trying to grow a following and gain fans via social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The CPLL put out a press release Monday, October 2nd and we at Rville USA received one from the CPLL as did other media outlets. We also, did a Q&A with them a while back before they even had a website up. Which by the way they just launched yesterday and it looks pretty good. So, go check that out as well as giving them a follow on Social Media.

Here is the formal press release that we received here at Rville USA yesterday.


This press release should answer all of your questions that you may have about this new league. It has all the links to their social media and their newly launched website as well. The press release even mentions a few cities where ownership is being talked about. I think you all will be very informed after reading this.

Now let's take a look back at the Q&A that we did with the CPLL back when we first found out about their intentions and what they were all about.
here is a link to that Q&A article:


Now here is the link to their newly launched website which has some great stuff on it already.


Now, I hope you all go check out everything and really get to learn what this new league is and what they are trying to do. We obviously wish them the best and will have more coverage of the league as more info is released by them. Thanks for reading and go check out some more on the CPLL.

Stay Hydrated!
  - Tanner Demling