Canadian National Team's Coaches stepping down?

      Saturday Night was a great event for the sport of Lacrosse in North America. The Heritage Cup was played at The First Ontario Centre in Hamilton, ON which is 32 minutes east of The Great One's hometown, Brantford, ON. The Canadians took on the USA and the Final score was 19-6 with Canada winning. Canada has not lost an international Box Lacrosse game since 2002. The Canadians last loss in Box Lacrosse was in the 2002 Heritage Cup vs The USA. So, Canada got to flex their muscles just a little bit more after the Heritage Cup stayed in Canada yet again. However, The USA team actually stuck with Canada for about a Quarter and a half. I would credit that to the boom of Box lacrosse in the states that is happening right now. Guys who had never played Box like Rob Pannell looked actually good for their first run as well as Paul Rabil who hung up his Box pads 4 years ago after a great run in the NLL. Obviously, both Rabil and Pannell are arguably two of the best field guys in the world. So, it was a great event and brought a lot of things to light. Some of which we didn't even know would be brought to life.

       One of the things that were brought to life was obviously how much the USA has come but still has long ways to go to catch up to Canada and the Iroquois as well in the Box game. Now, for the one thing that I think we can all agree on after hearing this stuff. There was an interview at the end of the game that shed some light on the stance of Team Canada's players towards the Canadian Lacrosse Association which by the way has lost  Federal Funding and has players paying up to $20,00 for their trip to the 2018 FIL World Games in Netanya, Israel.  So, let's get to that interview. After the game was over and Canada had firmly beaten USA 19-6 on Saturday night Stephen Stamp who was doing the floor side reporting for the Heritage Cup interviews Team Canada's Captian Dan Dawson who by the way is one of the best in the NLL! Stephen Stamp asked Dan basically where he see's the direction of Canada's National program going? What Dan said back to him basically was the growth at the grassroots level in Canada is stagnant and that they need to get the right people at the helm. He also, acknowledged what a great job all the national team coaches have done from Field, Box, and Women's. Here is the video of the actual interview Stephen Stamp did with Dan Dawson.

here is a link if the video doesn't work:

       Now, Right after I heard that interview I knew that the growth in Canada was not as good as down here in the states. I knew that just by the way Dan talked and how he sounded. He also might have taken some shots at the higher-ups in the Canadian Lacrosse Association, CLA, whether he directly was trying to do that or not. So, this game was played Saturday, October 21st and Dan made this comment after that game. Well, since then there have been some other actions and moves made among the Canadian National teams that particularly involves the coaches or managers. On Tuesday, October 24th The Peterborough Examiner rolled out a story that said that managers of Canada's National team's will resign if two CLA directors don't quit by March 31st. Now, this information is from a letter, signed by National team Coaches, that was sent to the CLA. Now, we need to backtrack here a few days. The day after the Heritage cup the same paper, The Peterborough Examiner dropped an Exclusive story about how National Team players and Coaches were at odds with the CLA over so-called funding woes. Really this article kind of sparked because of what Dan Dawson said after the Heritage Cup on Saturday night. Now, this stuff has been years in the making so I am not saying that Dan Dawson sparked this whole thing because I seriously do not think that he was trying to. Dan just said something in the right place at the right time. The right time when the stuff that has been brewing for years finally got hit enough and spilled out. Now, most of the stuff in the articles by the Peterborough Examiner has been known for some time but they just came back into the conversation this week. We hope everything with the CLA is figured out quickly so that it won't impact the 2018 FIL World Games this summer in Israel.

      As we all know that we at Rville USA and The Lacrosse Bucket Blog are based in Louisville, Ky, USA. Even though we are based in the USA we still want to cover and talk about Lacrosse World Wide because that is going to help the game grow best! Since we are from the US and not Canada that is all we are going to talk about today on the CLA stuff. Some of the frustrations that players and coaches have go back years and as I stated earlier Federal Funding. So we do not want to go back years into the CLA's financial history because we feel that it is not our country so we don't want to say anything negative about how another organization in the Lacrosse community in another country spends their money. Also, we are not as familiar with the Canadian Government as we are with the United States Government and since this involves a little bit of Federal Canadian Government we do not want to comment on anything and possibly get something wrong. We hope you understand why we are ending our end of the story, as it is right now, right here. We have linked both stories from The Peterborough Examiner below and they are on our Social Media outlets as well. We strongly suggest that you read those. You can obtain much more information from them at more depth than you can with us. We will continue to follow this story and update you all on this topic. Right now it seems that the worst that could happen is Canada's Men's National team Coach quitting three months before the World Games in Israel which we hope doesn't happen and we hope that the CLA, Coaches, and Players can come to terms and help grow the game further in Canada. As stated please check back as we will update you all on this story. The Links to the Peterborough Examiner stories are below and have a great day and rest of the week!

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