Canadian Lacrosse Players form Association

    This past week has been a very busy one for our brothers up north. The CUFLA Playoffs got underway and there was also more news and updates on the situation with the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA). Now, we reported last week about issues and problems between coaches and players with the CLA. There have been plenty of statements about these issues by players and coaches as well.

   The initial report about issues came from the Peterborough Examiner only a day after the Heritage cup was played between the US and Canada in Hamilton, ON. Since then the Peterborough Examiner has put out four more articles on this very topic. we have linked all of those articles at the bottom of this post. These articles included things about the CLA and friction between players as well as coaches. Also, reported that the National team Coaches had threatened to step down if a certain CLA executive did not step down by March 31st. Also, they have reported about insurance issued with players, the cost associated with playing and even the players finally forming an Association this past weekend.
   The National Lacrosse Team Players Association or NLTPA is the new players association that the Canadian national team players have formed over the course of this past week. This is a crucial step if they want to be represented in a well-fashioned manner and be treated how they wish. Most every sport has some kind of players union that represents the players at all times. Previously, there hadn't been any kind of union for Canadian national team players and they hadn't had the same oppourtunites as others to represent themselves.
    We know that there will likely be more news out of Canada this week about the CLA situation. We are going to leave you with links to all the articles and stories that pertain to this matter.

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