Air Force Suspend Coaches, Juniors, and Seniors

      Last week a report came out that Air Force was being investigated for alleged misconduct as well as academic cheating on a test. Well, those allocations have been taken very seriously and actions have now been made. As of Wednesday afternoon the entire coaching staff, the junior class, and the senior class had all been suspended.  We currently do not know what the misconduct was but obviously, it must have something too it because as of right now the only guys that can be around the Air Force lacrosse program are the freshman and sophomores. I honestly do not know where this path leads from here for Air Force. One thing that I don't want to see is a firing or resignation of Head Coach Eric Seremet. I think that also, the players who did not do anything, much like the freshman and sophomores do not get suspended for any time during the season. Also, I am waiting for a statement from Coach Seremet to surface because that would help everyone out a whole lot in understanding what exactly went wrong to bring the program to this. As we said last week, we will continue to update and follow this story so please check back for more as things progress further each week.  We really do wish the best for the Air Force lacrosse program and hope that everyone will be with the program come spring. Below we have linked The link to the most recent article on this issue as well as our last blog post about Air Force's problems.


Original Rville USA blog post that includes links to the first stories.