Air Force Men's lacrosse program is under investigation for alleged misconduct

   The Colorado Springs Gazette reported that multiple members of the Air Force Men's Lacrosse program are under investigation for cheating. According to the report, thirteen freshman cadets are under investigation for cheating on a low-stakes test that was on basic Air Force knowledge. We will know later what will come of this investigation but all we know is what is stated in the article as well as the history of these kinds of things at the US Air Force Academy. Also, there is a separate investigation that has been launched into the Men's Lacrosse program that may involve hazing among other issues as well. I hope that Coach Seremet handles this as he has other issues in the past and that this won't affect the team's on-field performance this spring as the hunt for another SOCON title. We leave you with some other articles on this issue including the original report. 

Here is the Original report from the Colorado Springs Gazette:

Here is the article from Inside Lacrosse:

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