The Canadian professional Lacrosse League

The CPLL is a new Pro League that will start play in April of 2018. The full season in April-May. I am really interested in what this league can do and how they will grow. I am also wondering how the CPLL will be seen by the lacrosse community in general. Here is some Q and A to answer some of the questions that people may have about this new league.

Q: What is the CPLL?

A: The CPLL is Canadian Professional Lacrosse League which is a new Professional Field Lacrosse League that will play similar to its American counter part Major League Lacrosse.  

Q: How many teams do you hope to have?

A: We are aiming to have 6-8 teams but understand that being a startup league that could be less or more.

Q: Will there be pay?

A: Yes their will be some compensation for players and we are currently working on a salary cap that is both economical for teams and players.

Q: What kind of talent will be in the CPLL?

A: We hope to attract players from both NLL, MLL and aspiring professional players from Jr leagues as well players from Colleges that wish to continue to play afterwards.

Q: How can you grow this league once launched?

A: Just like anything that is starting up the only way to grow the league is to advertise it like crazy get eye balls on your product.  Key ways of doing this obviously is social media.  Social media takes a major portion of advertising and plays a key roll in growing and marketing our brand.  We are also keen on regional promotions with our said team markets, once they become official.  Examples, print, flyers, radio, news paper ads and word of mouth.

For a National and even International footprint we are aiming to stream our games live.  We are currently in discussions with some networks to get obtain this for our viewership.

Those are some great answers that I received from the Owner/Founder Mr. David Parsons. I hope this league grows and becomes something that people can talk about. I feel like this can also be a good thing for the game in Canada, the United States, and the rest of the world. If you are interested go check out their website as well as check them out on Social Media.