Blog #1 / Introduction

   Hello and welcome to this blog. This is hopefully the 1st of many many blog post on This blog will be a way to get a well-rounded education on the sport of Lacrosse.

    As we all know, or should know, Lacrosse is not a new sport. It was created thousands of years ago by Native Americans. In fact, most Native tribes and groups had some sort of stickball sport as part of their culture. The game that we know and love today is based on the game that the Onondaga played. The Onondaga people are one of the six Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) nations that have resided in upstate New York and Southern Canada. The Native people believed that the game was medicine and you played your hardest for the creator. Lacrosse was played to entertain the creator and boy does it entertain! Now today the game is played worldwide and loved by many people of all different races, religions, and cultures. So, you can see lacrosse has spread wide and far from its original beginnings in now New York and Canada.

   The fact of the matter is that the game has spread across the country and the world so fast that many have poor coaching. Also, there are many who severely lack the correct knowledge of the sport. This blog is meant to fix that problem. We are based in the southeastern United states in Louisville, KY but anyone who wants to learn about the game no matter where they live in the world can have access to us and learn. We will cover all aspects of the sport from Youth developmental drills to having coverage of college as well as the two pro leagues NLL and MLL.