2017 College Prospect Days

Do you want to play lacrosse in College?
Do you have a few programs that you would like to play for?
Don't know the best way to be seen besides tournaments?
In a non-traditional market where coaches don't usually look?

Here is an idea, Go to a school's prospect day. The best way to be seen by a particular college coach or coaches is to go to that school's prospect day camp. These are usually 1-2 day camps where you get to be on campus and have the opportunity to be seen and coached by the coaches of the respective school. Below I have listed DI school's and a few DII and DII prospect day dates with links to the website of that program as well.

* DI schools not highlighted
* DII schools highlighted in yellow
*DIII schools highlighted in red


Oct. 8: UMass-Amherst